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Chad Lefler started FitSource in 2006 as a Continuing Education Class (CEC) provider for Personal Trainers. Over the years, FitSource has provided CECs for gyms, hospitals and other trainers in the area. FitSource was then, and is still, the only local Raleigh based company that offers CECs for personal trainers.

FitSource now focuses on two areas - CECs for Personal Trainers and Personal Trainer Evaluation services (PTEs).

Personal Trainer Evaluation

There is no official state license needed to be called a personal fitness trainer. No other healthcare field is that tolerant. With no public grade or evaluation system, there is no way for a customer to know if the trainer is safe, effective, or reputable.

Our evaluation process will create a standard of service, much like the sanitation ratings in restaurants. I started Personal Trainer Evaluations because of the trainers I see in facilities I have worked in. Trainers who are unsafe and unreliable, but with guidance, could improve to be competent Personal Trainers. The intent of FitSource is to "clean up" the mess that is Personal Training.

Personal Trainer Continuing Education

FitSource has provided Continuing Education Classes for gyms, hospitals and other personal trainers since 2006.

Our seminars and classes are targeted for fitness professionals such as private personal trainers, gyms, and hospital staff focusing on exercise for patients. We cater to the fitness trainer's needs. If you need classes on biomechanics, therapy, stretching techniques, marketing, or many other areas, we can offer it.

Our client list includes:

  • UNC Hospitals
  • YMCA
  • Functional Fitness